Sunday, November 18, 2007

Your Input: Mymy's Guide for Newbie Craft Fair Sellers

Mymy is putting together a guide for first time craft fair sellers and would love some help!

If you have a moment, answer the questions below then email your responses to Your answers may be used for the final piece which will be posted to Be sure to include your contact info (along with a website link) when responding!

Feel free to post this to your blog or forward to anyone you think might be interested in taking part. Be sure to include your contact info (along with a website link) when responding!


+ why do you sell at craft shows vs. other selling venues?
+ how do you decide what shows to do?
+ what makes a show a "good show"?
+ for juried shows, how do you know what photos to send?
+ what preparations go into planning for selling at a craft show?
+ do you have a check-list of items to bring? if so, what is on it?
+ how much money do you bring for change? what do you keep your money in at shows?
+ do you accept credit cards? why? why not?
+ do you accept checks? why? why not?
+ what about charging tax?
+ if a crafter has a wide price range of items is it smart to bring them all? or stick to a certain price point? why/why not?
+ do you price each item or have a price list on hand?
+ do personalized items sell at craft shows? (do you ever take orders & then send the item to the customer afterwards?)
+ what do you use for a table cover? sign?
+ how do you display your items?
+ do you bring bags/packing supplies for customers?
+ how do you transport your items to & from the show?
+ do you need a business license to do a craft show? what about a permit?
+ any other advice/ideas?

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